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Inside Government presents a series of exclusive, interactive and information led forums and events. These focus on a range of government policy fields and are designed for people working in the public, private and voluntary sector. Each event provides delegates with a unique opportunity to discuss pertinent topics with a panel of speakers, policy experts, and fellow delegates.

With unrivalled access to a wide range of expert speakers including politicians, policy-makers, sector experts and practitioners, we aim to deliver forums that help you stay informed and up to date with government policy and contemporary issues affecting your organisation.

All Inside Government events are CPD certified. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification represents a commitment to lifelong learning and refers to the process of tracking and documenting skills, knowledge and experience that an individual gains both formally and personally beyond their initial training.

It is becoming increasing important for employers and institutions from all disciplines to demonstrate and provide evidence that they have in place a structured approach to staff development and learning with clear career objectives.

Inside Government offers employers an opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge and keep up to date on a wide range of subjects and issues. Visit to find out more about The CPD Certification Service.

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